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Sapphire Adjustable Steel Shelving - Strongbeam Brackets

  • Manufactured from high grade steel to ensure maximum weight loading capacity. 
  • High gloss epoxy polyester paint finish to 50 microns ensuring impact and scratch resistance, durability and easy maintenance
  • Safety feature to prevent accidental shelf dislodgement
  • Strong beam is a single shelf support system with high load capability. Suitable for use in hospitals, kitchens, factories, workshops, laboratories, schools and colleges etc
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SKU Description Size mm Price Qty  
DRB10 Strongbeam Bracket 100 X 75 £2.57 incl VAT
DRB15 Strongbeam Bracket 150 x 125 £3.73 incl VAT
DRB20 Strongbeam Bracket 200 x 150 £4.68 incl VAT
DRB25 Strongbeam Bracket 250 x 200 £6.19 incl VAT
DMB200 Strongbeam Bracket 200 x 200 £7.76 incl VAT
DMB250 Strongbeam Bracket 250 x 250 £8.58 incl VAT
DMB300 Strongbeam Bracket 300 x 300 £9.30 incl VAT
DMB350 Strongbeam Bracket 350 x 350 £10.07 incl VAT