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Mezzanine Lifts

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Fully Enclosed Mezzlift

  • Capacity up to 500kg
  • Compact design helps maximise storage space & work area
  • Bespoke platform sizes
  • Self-supporting
  • Easy operation via push to run button controls at both levels
  • overload protection
  • No lift pit or separate motor room required
  • Operates from a domestic single phase 240v or 3 phase power supply
  • Lift Speed 0.3m/s
  • Electrically inter-locking gates
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Fully Enclosed Outdoor Mezzlift

  • The 250-500kg Outdoor Mezzlift, offer operators a simple, safe & efficient way to handle loads up to 500kg between two or three floors, including ground level & mezzanine, on the outer walls of warehouses, stores, factories & workshops
  • Access to a standard 240V or a 3 phase power supply is required & there is no need to excavate a floor pit. The lift is Galvanised to suit outdoor applications
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Goods Lift Service & Maintenance

  • In-house capabilities to design, manufacture, install & service goods lifts nationwide
  • Combined service & examination packages in accordance with LOLER give employers peace of mind & trouble-free performance over extended lifetimes with low overall cost of ownership
  • Agreements cover a minimum scheduled servicing & the compulsory annual checks that users of load handling equipment are required to complete under current legislation
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Mezzanine Floor Lift - Loading Baylift

  • The Loading BayLift is ideal for lifting & handling loads between different levels where the height difference is less than two metres, such as loading bays
  • The compact lift can fold away when not in use & there is no need for a lift pit, meaning that the Loading Bay Lift offers a practical load handling solution where alternative equipment such as conventional scissor lifts cannot easily be installed
  • Capacities from 500 to 2000kg are available with a range of platform sizes to safely handle crates, pallets, roll cages, sack barrows & many other loads 
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Mezzanine Floor Lift - Mezzlift 250kg Basic

  • A 250kg Basic MezzLift has a 200mm high gate fitted at ground level, whilst upper threshold protection is given by a 1100mm high fixed rail across the opening with a gate beneath
  • Goods are brought out beneath this rail which eliminates the need for costly interlock devices, speeds up the lift operation & reduces maintenance costs
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